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Home Made Winter

# 9781617690044 10 day production time$26.95 - $28.70 | Min Qty 25

AuBecause I'm often headstrong, I've sometimes interpreted classic recipes completely in my own way, and I hope you won't mind. Because I'm often impatient, I've sometimes drawn the recipes because it's faster, and because at times, probably unnecessarily, I worry that you don't think in the same realm as I do, I've also added memories and photos so you get a sense of what I mean. Just like a formally decorated table, or a beautifully arranged plate, I believe that a cookbook should exude a certain spirit that I think you should be in when you get in the mood to get going in the kitchen. Au --from the Introduction HOME MADE blew readers away with its stunning package, delicious recipes, beautiful photos, step-by-step instruction, and Yvette van Boven's own hand-drawn artwork throughout the book. Van Boven's passion for great food and good humor could be felt on every page in the book. Now, in the follow-up HOME MADE WINTER, van Boven's heartfelt work is presented again, this time with recipes intended for the winter season. Inspired by her childhood in Ireland and her frequent sojourns in France, she has created a collection of recipes that will warm your heart. Chapters include Breakfast, Brunch & Lunch; Pies and Sweet Things for Tea Time; Beverages; To Start; and Dessert. She focuses on simple recipes for classic dishes such as apple cider, BBQ pulled pork, ricotta cheesecake, and more. Step-by-step, she explains how to make butter, beef sausage, and baileys. She also features her favorite winter holiday recipes. This book is sure to become the next must-have for home cooks. Praise for Home Made Winter: AuOne of the most fun and useful of its ilk to hit the market in recent memory. Au AiBuffalo Spree magazine AuEven the most challenged cook will appreciate the coffee table value of the gorgeous photography of the moors, streams and gently rolling hills of the Emerald Isle. Au AiShelf Awareness AuVan Boven delivers a cozy, intimate collection of recipes and illust

iHome AutoVac Eclipse Wi-Fi Connected Robot Vacuum

# IH-ECLIPSEV 10 day production time$349.99 | Min Qty 1

Get rid of stubborn dirt with this iHome AutoVac robot vacuum. The three-brush system combines with HyperDrive technology to handle debris on most surfaces, and HomeMap navigation lets you view your floor plan for efficient performance. This voice-controllable black iHome AutoVac robot vacuum pairs with the iHome Clean app and Alexa for seamless hands-free operation. Works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant - Allows for easy and convenient voice control. Mapping HomeMap navigation - Intelligently navigates your home's floor plan with a sophisticated path for efficient cleaning. Four side brushes - Cleans your floor effectively. Also, a brush maintenance tool is included. App-controlled robot vacuum - Download the iHome Clean app from Apple App Store or Google Play, and effortlessly control all functions from your smartphone or tablet. Recharge and resume - Automatically returns to the docking station to recharge and then resumes cleaning until the job is complete. The battery provides up to 120 minutes of cleaning time before needing to be recharged. 2500 mAh lithium-ion battery - Provides long battery life and consistent power. HyperDrive technology - Choose from three individual power modes from quiet, normal, or kick it into HyperDrive for 2000 Pa maximum suction power. Its three-brush system removes dirt, dust, pet hair and more. Floor detection - AutoVac Eclipse will detect and automatically adjust its settings depending on the surface type. Schedule cleaning - Clean while on the go, view your floor plan, and select the cleaning modes all via the iHome Clean app. Multi-surface cleaning - Suitable for low pile carpet, tile, wood, and laminate flooring.

The Curious Bartender's Home Bar Kit

# 9781849758970 10 day production time$15.36 - $16.36 | Min Qty 25

An expert guide to setting up a home bar plus 30 recipe cards and an essential piece of cocktail-making equipment all in one box set. An expert guide to setting up a home bar plus 30 recipe cards and an essential piece of cocktail-making equipment all in one box set. Preparing a first-class cocktail relies upon a deep understanding of its ingredients and the delicate alchemy of how they work together. Nobody understands this better than Tristan Stephenson – drinks industry consultant, bar owner, restaurateur and author of five books on the subject of drinks and drinking. Here he offers expert advice on the fundamentals of home mixology and explains the practical cocktail-making techniques that every keen home barman should master, from how to build a drink in a glass to preparing a variety of garnishes. Next Tristan showcases a selection of classic and modern cocktails on a deck of 4-colour laminated recipe cards included in the pack. The intriguing origin of each drink is explained and the colourful historical characters who inspired or created them are introduced. Recipes include drinks with gin, rum, tequila, whiskey and brandy bases and you'll find familiar classics such as the Manhattan, Negroni, and Martini, discover lesser known vintage gems including the Martinez and Aviation and modern favourties the Espresso Martini and Mojito. Also included is a cocktail jigger – the essential piece of cocktail-making kit for any enthusiast.

Wemo Wifi Smart Plug 3-Pack

# WE-PLUGKIT 10 day production time$69.99 | Min Qty 12

Wemo WiFi Smart Plug 3-Pack gives you total control over your lights and devices. The Wemo Wi-Fi Smart Plug lets you control your electronic devices right from your phone or tablet. The Smart Plug uses your existing home Wi-Fi network to provide wireless control of lamps, fans, and more with no subscription or hub required. Simply plug the Smart Plug into an electrical outlet, plug a device into the Smart Plug, and control your device using the free Wemo app or by using your voice with Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, or Google Assistant. Control your Home – The Wemo WiFi Smart Plug 3-Pack lets you control your electronic devices right from your phone or tablet. Convenient, Compact Design - With its sleek, compact form—45% smaller than the Mini— the WiFi Smart Plug fits into any electrical outlet without obstructing other sockets. This allows you to stack an additional Smart Plug or another device in the same outlet. Schedule Lights and Devices - The Smart Plug lets you easily set automatic schedules for any device that’s plugged in—from lamps to fans to disco balls. Protect Your Home with Randomized Lights - With the ability to randomize your lights, our Smart Plug protects your home better than a mechanical timer. When set to “Away Mode,” the Smart Plug will turn plugged-in lights on and off randomly to make it appear like you’re home. Works with Amazon Alexa - Talk to Alexa for hands-free control over your lights and devices. Pair Smart Plug with Alexa to turn any plugged-in device on or off with just your voice. Works with Google Assistant - Control your lights and devices using Google Home, your Android or iPhone, or any other device with built-in Google Assistant support. You’ll enjoy seamless, intuitive voice control over anything that’s connected. Works with Apple Homekit - Compatible with Apple HomeKit, you can control your Smart Plug with the Apple Home app and Siri from your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, or HomePod.

The Work Wellness Deck (60 Simple Practices to De-stress and Recharge Wherever You Work)

# 9781797205724 10 day production time$14.59 - $15.54 | Min Qty 25

Banish burnout with this deck of 60 easy-to-do-anywhere prompts that encourage sanity, serenity, and wellness in your place of work, wherever that may be. Burnout is common in today's work culture. Whether due to long hours, excessive workloads, or lack of work-life balance, we all know someone who has felt overwhelmed at work. Enter The Work Wellness Deck: 60 actionable suggestions that will restore a sense of well-being in the workplace and banish burnout once and for all. Packaged in a portable format, the deck is organized into three categories: REFRESH (mental health), FLOW (physical health), and CONNECT (work relationships). Prompts include office stretches that help your posture, breathing exercises to manage stress, a gratitude practice to focus on the positive, and networking ideas to build meaningful relationships. Individuals can keep the deck on their desk or in their bag, pulling a card to start the day or as a midday mindfulness break, teams can use the cards to set a group intention, and company leaders can distribute this deck to employees as a wellness perk. No matter how it's used, The Work Wellness Deck will help people in all industries build resiliency, improve productivity, communicate effectively, and forge connectionAino matter where they work. BURNOUT IS COMMON: Whether you work from home and struggle to delineate work and personal time, or you work long hours at an office, it is common to feel overworked and overwhelmed at one point or another. The Work Wellness Deck is an effective tool in preventing and/or diminishing feelings of burnout. PERFECT FOR COMPANIES: Small businesses, company leaders, and HR reps in every industryAitech, finance, healthcare, law, media, nonprofits, retail, and moreAican distribute this deck to their employees as a way to encourage them to prioritize their health and wellness. LITTLE-PUBLISHED SLICE OF WELLNESS: Wellness is a huge trend, but beyond self-help books on the topic, there isn't much accessible publi

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