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Fabulous Food Boards! (Simple & Inspiring Recipe Ideas to Share at Every Gathering)

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<STRONG>Give every occasion a special touch with these beautiful, easy-to-assemble food boards. </STRONG><BR /><BR /> Whether you want to make a weeknight meal more interesting or wow guests at your next get-together, <I>Fabulous Food Boards!</I> delivers with incredible presentation ideas that go beyond the classic charcuterie board. This <STRONG>over 200-page cookbook</STRONG> explores different themes and taste palettes on every spread. Food boards are amazingly versatile and are sure to have a little something for everyone at your table, even the most selective eaters. Through beautiful,<STRONG> full-color photographs</STRONG> and <STRONG>step-by-step assembly instructions</STRONG>, you&#39;ll be able to recreate the artful and unique arrangements of each food board.<BR /><BR /><I>Fabulous Food Boards!</I> offers <STRONG>arrangements for every occasion</STRONG>, including: <ul><li>Major holidays</li><li>Engagements and weddings</li><li>Birthdays</li><li>Baby showers</li><li>Sports games</li><li>And more!</li></ul><BR /> Discover today’s top trending health and wellness topics with the <STRONG>Everyday Wellbeing series</STRONG> from Chartwell Books. From smart eating habits to personal growth advice, these engaging lifestyle guides give you the expert tips and life hacks you need to help you make good choices while practicing mindfulness and self-love. Whether you want to explore cooking with new ingredients like adaptogens and CBD, or make it a priority to incorporate self-care into your daily routine, these brightly colored take-along handbooks have the tools you need to succeed.<BR /><BR /> Other titles in the series include: <I>Adaptogens</I>, <I>The Celery Juice Cookbook</I>, <I>The CBD Handbook</I&g

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